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5 Responses

  1. Doug Hawley says:

    Hi FD –

    I hope that you come back, but if not thanks for existing and publishing me.

    Musty Doug

  2. Doug Hawley says:

    I don’t know if the last thing went through or got lost.

    Hope you come back, but if not thanks for being around.

    Keep On Rocking In The Free World, Musty Doug

  3. Gina Yates says:

    Hi Roy, I love having the nice glossy hardcopy to keep and show around, and i was honored to have my story featured last! It would be extra-nice though to also have something in digital form so I could show it to my distant friends and relatives without expecting them all to shell out $12. Is there still a digital version in the works? Cheers!

  4. Mike Lee says:

    Same here from me. You have been stalwart in supporting my writing, and I am forever grateful. Hope y’all come back, and I do have something for you.

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