Terms & Conditions

Friday, January 26th, 2018 – 10:19 AM Eastern Standard Time
Language clarification

Upon submission of your work to Furtive Dalliance Literary Review, known herein as FD, our, us, or we, you are agreeing to the following terms:

Section 1

  1. FD reserves exclusive subsidiary rights to the piece(s) you have submitted, in regards to reprinting excerpts and electronic versions. As subsidiary rights go, FD has first and second serial rights to the submitted piece(s), first being web and second being print. Not all pieces will be published via website, however, so if you should see your submission in print but not on the website consider first and second serial rights fulfilled. Print rights revert back to the author at this time.
    1. By accepting this and submitting your work you acknowledge that before the publication comes out, or after or both, FD reserves the right to use excerpts of your work in marketing strategies pertaining but not limited to the FD issue of your involvement, to draw readership. FD may also publish your piece(s) again at a later date in an electronic anthology.
  2. You submit piece(s) to FD for publication consideration knowing and accepting that there will be no payment, monetary or otherwise, for the intellectual property submitted. As our part of this agreement, we will use payments received from sales of FD to promote your work through internet and other advertisements and to maintain a high-quality publication that everyone deserves. If at a future date, we find we have excess funds after sufficient marketing, we will use the overflow to pay contributors either a static amount per submission or a complimentary copy of the publication, to be decided on at that time.
  3. FD will send an acceptance email to each contributor whose work we decide to use in our publication. We’d generally like to hear back from you within 72 hours, but if we don’t, we’ll email a second and final time.
    1. You’ll be given 24 hours from the second email (a total of 96 hours maximum) to respond. If we do not receive recognition from you that you understand and accept our terms, we will scrap your submission with no further correspondence.
    2. A ‘thank you’ reply to our acceptance email is a binding agreement to our terms. If you give us the go-ahead to publish, you agree to transfer exclusive subsidiary publishing rights according to the terms listed above.
  4. All accepted submissions will have their email address added to Roy Miller’s author subscriber list through Mailchimp. You can unsubscribe from this list at any time.

Section 2

  1. FD is fully committed to providing a quality publication, and as such will work diligently with our contributors and readers to address any issues in a timely manner. If you as a contributor feel like we haven’t done our duty to sufficiently promote your work, or if you feel we have failed to display your work properly as requested by any special guidelines in your submission, we will open up a friendly and transparent dialogue where we can come to an agreement on how to fix the situation.
    1. Related to the above, FD expects, as any literary journal does, that any contributor does their part in proficiently marketing their inclusion in the publication. The harder you work to get yourselves out there, the better off everyone involved will be. We hope each contributor will at least share the initial announcement of the issue they’re being published in on social media (Facebook, Twitter) but as we won’t be able to follow each and every person, this provision exists within the honor code.
  2. FD is also committed to securing and protecting our contributors’ rights. If you feel at any time your rights have been infringed, either by us or by an outside force through plagiarism, defamation of character related to the publication, or other such instances within the scope of this publication and agreement, we will do what we can to see that your rights are asserted and assist you in developing a course of action.
  3. You are required as a contributor to read and accept these terms with every submission you make, regardless of previous standing. These Terms & Conditions are subject to change at any time without previous warning. FD will provide a date at the top of this document stating the latest update, and it is up to you to check back periodically to make sure you are current on our policies.

Section 3

  1. By visiting this website you agree your visit is for entertainment purposes only. No articles on this site should be taken as legal advice and any articles that offer advice which leads to the spending of currency are the personal opinion of the author. Neither FD nor it’s contributors are responsible for the legal or financial wellbeing of any visitor.
  2. As stated above, any articles submitted by contributors do not necessarily reflect the opinions of FD or it’s parent, Wintercearig, LLC. It should not be assumed that publication of an idea or stance equals agreement.
  3. We work hard to make sure everyone is given the opportunity to be heard, but we do not accept and will not publish hate speech or any other language designed to convey negativity toward people or groups of people based on hatred, bigotry, racism, homophobia, or any other negative aspects. We will allow character analysis of real people and groups on a case-by-case basis, but only if the language is professional and the article serves a purpose.
  4. FD allows the use of profanity in submissions, so long as the language is beneficial to the piece. When it comes to hate speech and slang terminology used to demean orĀ incite, we will assess on a case-by-case basis to decide if its use is warranted, or if the removal of it would alter the tone in a way the author does not agree with. This is markedly different from subsection 3 based on real life versus fictional worlds and characters.

Section 4

  1. Subscriptions are for four (4) issues and don’t go by the calendar year. For example, if you subscribe during the Fall issue, you’ll receive Fall and Winter of that year, and Spring and Summer of the next. Back issues must be ordered separately for complete collections.
  2. Subscription services may be canceled at any time, for any reason. If we decide to stop offering subscription services, anyone with a current subscription will receive one last copy of the final edition (if permitted) and a flat rate of $10 back to your original method of payment. The remainder of funds will go to operating costs.
  3. If a submitter finds issue with their piece in the publication, such as a typo or formatting error, they can contact us for a refund and/or a fixed copy of the issue in question.