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Furtive Dalliance is a new litmag with a focus on realism and character pieces. Multiple eyes see every submission and each pair is looking for something different. Themed issues offer the chance to try different styles, yet the staple flash fiction section is always general and open to any type of story. Reviews. Rants. Recommendations. We want what you got.

If you feel like you don’t belong elsewhere, try us out. If you’re tired of big mags tossing you aside, try us out. We aren’t professional magazine runners, we’re authors, same as you. We understand the inbox overflowing with rejections. We know how it feels to polish something off and send it away excitedly, only to get a form rejection six months later. We’re taking off with this mag because we want to shake things up. We want to showcase works from the polished and proper, but also the damaged and deranged. Classicly-structured or beautifully-chaotic, show us what escapes from you in raspy breaths during a panic attack or what you think about when you go to sleep at night. We promise to look over every submission with the same intensity and care that we want our own.

If we do happen to decide to pass on your submission, remember this: writing is the most difficult profession there is, because your success or failure depends entirely on subjectivity. You can craft something incredibly beautiful and have twenty people in a row shut it down over personal tastes. Stephen King was rejected so many times for Carrie that he kept the notes on a spike in his bedroom, and now he could probably buy the publishing houses that rejected him. A grand comparison for sure, yet the sentiment remains the same; keep writing, no matter what.

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