Dirt Nap – Minimalist Horror, Summer 2018

Dirt Nap – Minimalist Horror, Summer 2018

Now for something a little different: My cousin, some friends, and myself, are getting together to write, direct, and produce a minimalistic slasher film for release this summer. The project is headed off by Jay Miller, with co-writer Mike Rytlewski. I lend my helping hands as principle photographer and someone that gets unceremoniously murdered. Cool, right?

We’ve set a flexible goal through IndieGoGo to try and drum up some monetary support for the project, as we all have day jobs as well and need to budget our time. Anything you can do, whether it’s a donation or just a share of this post or the donation page, is a huge help to us. We appreciate engaging with lovers of film and alternative art and encourage all of you to become involved in the project with us.

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